March 27-28 2020

Stony Brook University
Center of Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology

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In today's world, data and technology are becoming a huge part of our lives. To learn how to keep our own websites, data, and personal information safe, we have to learn how malicious hackers break it. That’s what BytesCTF is here to do! BytesCTF is Stony Brook Computing Society’s first Capture The Flag event. Spend 12 hours completing various cybersecurity challenges to find secret flags, and compete to catch em’ all. Our topics include binary exploitation, website investigation, cryptography and much more. Have questions? Feel free to visit our website, or email

Why BytesCTF?


Take the first steps into Cyber Security and touch on aspects of security like: cryptography, steganography, binary analysis, reverse engineering, mobile security and others.


Large companies and inspiring startups looking for talented students like you


Create bonds and have unforgettable memories with friends from all over

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06:00pm - Sign In

07:00pm - Kick Off

07:30pm - Dinner

08:00pm - Start Hacking

08:30pm - Team Building


12:00am - Snacks + Caffeine

08:00am - End Hacking

08:00am - Breakfast

09:00am - Closing

Q & A

Do I need to know anything about Cybersecurity to attend?

Not at all! We will be having a boot camp the weeks before BytesCTF to introduce you to everything you need to know. PS: We will also have some difficult flags for our more experienced hackers.

How much does it cost?

BytesCTF is completely free! We will supply you with all the food + caffeine you need to succeed. Sadly, we do not offer travel reimbursement due to this being the events first year.

What do I need to bring?

Bring yourself, a photo ID, your signed waiver (if applicable), a change of clothes, toiletries, a sleeping bag/blanket (if you’re sleeping of course), your hacker setup (laptop, charger, headphones), and a passion to compete!

How many hackers per team?

The maximum team size is 2; you can work with one other person or alone. It’s completely okay to make your team beforehand, either in person or over our BytesCTF Slack. Another option is joining us for our Team Building activity and meet your partner right then and there! The times and location for that activity is on the Schedule.

What is Slack?

Throughout the CTF, we will be using Slack as the main form of communication. Never used Slack before? Here's a quick introduction!

What if I want to sleep?

We will have a separate room for sleeping, so that everyone who wants to rest can do so in peace and quiet. However, please bring your own sleeping bags and whatever blankets you may need. The specific rooms and maps will be released closer to BytesCTF!

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